1. Prettier Prettier is a useful tool that automatically formats your code using opinionated and customizable rules.

2. JavaScript Booster This extension upgrades Visual Studio Code with code actions to perform common refactoring tasks that occur when programming with JavaScript.

3. ESLint ESLint is a tool that finds and fixes problems in your JavaScript code.

4. GitLens GitLens is another powerful extension that helps you take full advantage of Git source control in Visual Studio Code.

5. Live Server The Live Server extension for VSCode starts a local server that serves pages using the contents of files in the workspace.

6. CSS Peek The CSS Peek Extension lets you quickly view the CSS style definitions for various class names and IDs assigned in HTML.

7. Intellisense for CSS Class Names in HTML Provides code completion for the HTML class attribute from existing CSS definitions found in the current workspace.

8. JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippet This is an extension that comes fully loaded with heaps of time-saving code snippets for JavaScript, in ES6 syntax.

9. Visual Studio Intellicode IntelliCode is a tool that produces smart code completion recommendations that make sense in the current code context.

10. VSCode Icon Icon packs are available to customize the look of files of different types in Visual Studio Code.