Use Google Like a Pro 😎 10 Google Search Tricks

Hello Internet People, We use Google every day right? Many people use the google search engine to find a variety of results. Sometimes I do simple calculations too. Everyone using google right but no one using like a pro.

Today we will see some amazing and cool google search tricks that help you to get results fast and also you can amaze your crush.

Cool Google Search Tricks

Open google and try with me.

1. Exact Phrase

If you want to get an exact phrase that you wrote in the search bar just wrap the phrase with quotes (“your query”) then you get result pages with the exact phrase you mentioned.

This trick is very helpful when you don’t want irrelevant results.

exact phrase google search tricks

2. Search For a Particular File Type

If you don’t want to surf all the site and want to download pdf, ppt, or doc or any file directly then this trick is very useful for you.

Just add filetype:[filetype] after the your search query and you get filtered result.

file type google search tricks

3. Search Within a Site

If you want to get results from particular site then this trick is helps you a lot.

Just use site:[domainname] just after your query to get result from particular site.

get a result from particular site google trick

4. Blank

If you are in trouble like “what the word after this…” blah blah… don’t worry this trick will help you to get the word.

Use an asterisk(*) sign. Just place this sign at missing word in your sentence and you get the word definitely.

As asterisk(*) sign works as a wildcard, and helps you to find missing word in a phrase.

find missing word in google google search trick

5. Search Similar

Find a site with similar content to a URL you already know. Just put related:[domainname] and you get similar websites related to your domain.

similar site google related google search tricks

6. Exclude a Word

Really helpful google search tricks right? Here is one more, Add a hyphen(-) before a word to exclude a search term.

This is useful if you are searching for a word with several meaning.

exclude word google search trick

7. OR

Perform two search queries at the same time by separating your search terms with OR. This will find pages that have one of several words.

Just try this Google search trick.

or google search trick

8. Numerical Range

Separate numbers with two periods without spaces(100..200) to search for numbers within that range.

numerical range google search trick

9. AND

Like OR there is a AND for google search tricks. Search for X and Y, this will return only results related to X and Y. Note: It doesn’t really make much difference for regular searches, as Google defaults to “AND” anyway. But it’s very useful when paired with other operators.

Example: jobs AND gates

10. Movie

Find information about a specific movie. Also finds movie showtimes if the movie is currently showing near you.

Example: movie:steve jobs


So these are some cool google search tricks. This really helps you to find relevant results. It makes you a pro. Share this google search ticks with your friends.

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