Top Programming Languages Used By Google

Securing a position in a leading company like Google is a common aspiration for programmers. To be successful in this career path, you must understand the programming languages used by Google. Investing in corporate technical training courses through trusted solution providers can help you boost your qualifications and make you more competitive in the tech industry. By obtaining specialized training in this field, you will have the latest industry skills, ensuring you’re ready to meet the changing needs of a company such as Google in the future. Here, we highlight the primary programming languages favored by Google, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning to stay at the forefront of your field.

  • JavaScript

  • C++

  • Python

  • Java

  • Go Programming Language

Let’s see more detail about these programming languages. Top Programming Languages Used By Google

1. JavaScript

javascript in google, top programming languages used by google

This is a very famous and fabulous scripting language for making interactive websites. Google’s website uses JavaScript to make an awesome website. Yeh Google uses various libraries of JavaScript like AngularJS.

JavaScript is also useful for mobile devices. So, Google uses JavaScript right then why you here go and learn JavaScript (Go after reading this post ok ;) ). This language is so easy for the front-end designing of the website. This is the best language to get a job at Google.

2. C++

c++ used by google, top programming languages used by google programmers

Google gives the most priority to this language. This language is ideal for Google because that can handle several servers at a time. C++ also preferred because it is highly portable. Simply means that can be used on different devices and platform.

You might be thinking why this language is used? Google uses C++ language because it can handle a wide range of application including 3D Graphics, GUI, easily handle high complex computational operation among others.

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3. Python

Python use by google, best programming language that used by Google. google python

Python is mostly preferred language because of easiness and robustness. Python is very easy to learn for beginners and experienced programmers. Google uses python in various products. An example is YouTube. YouTube made using python language. Like C++  it also handles complex problems.

Many Python libraries make Python language popular. You believe or not google search made in python.

4. Java

Java by Google, most programming language to used by google, how to get job at google

Java is everywhere right. Java is a well-established language that uses by Google. You know the very famous product of Google it is “Android” right. This Operating System made in Java programming language. It can be used in both hardware and software.

Coming to Google, Java is used for coding server and developing the interface for the user. Yeah, Java is everywhere. Java is the best Programming language used by Google.

5. Golang

Golang by google, what programming languages used by google, top programming languages used by Google

Go(Golang) programming language is an open source language that actually born by Google. That’s why this language is commonly used by Google for improving programming product.

Go utilize the static and efficiency of C++ while at a time it uses productivity and simplicity of Python. That’s why Google used.

A conclusion is these programming languages are easy, simple, and fast right. Means that google need fast right and simple as well, because of “Simplicity is key” right? So, these are the Google programming language or simply say Top Programming Languages used by Google. While learning these languages you should also consider taking up certification courses like ITIL Foundation certification to boost your chances of securing the job at Google. To get more interesting and amazing knowledge about programming, hey feel free and visit

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