Top 5 AI Built Paraphraser That Uses NLP

Researchers, bloggers, writers, and students can never keep themselves apart from paraphrasing because this is an essential skill to be successful in their respective careers.

Paraphrasing can be defined as a technique to state ideas from the original text in a different way without changing the context. 

Unfortunately, manually paraphrasing text can take up a lot of time since it requires research and the ability to restate text while retaining the original sense of content.

Sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect synonyms that can help you rephrase ideas flawlessly. 

That’s the reason most people avoid paraphrasing text on their own.

Thanks to paraphrasing tools that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques.

They work magically to take the input text and then instantly convert it into a simplified version in a single click.

There are so many paraphrasing tools and each of them claims to be the best in itself. However, you cannot trust them with a blind eye since not all of them are equally trustworthy.

In this article, we will learn about the top five AI paraphrasers that use NLP and Artificial Intelligence.

They have been shortlisted because of their quality output and efficient paraphrasing.

What is an AI-Powered Paraphraser?

An AI-Powered paraphraser is an online rephrasing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques to rephrase text without making changes to the original context. 

The tool comes in handy for people who wish to paraphrase text for the sake of improved readability and better comprehension.

It can also help you avoid plagiarism and generate unique text from already existing ideas.

How do AI-powered paraphrasers work?

AI-powered paraphrasers utilize Natural Language Processing techniques to deeply analyze the original text and then generate new rephrased versions of it.

Machine learning algorithms are used to recognize key concepts and then modify them to generate a new piece of text conveying the same meaning.

These tools have been designed to comprehend idiomatic expressions, words, synonyms, tones of the language, and sentence structure.

Top 5 AI-Built Paraphrasers that Use NLP

These are some of the most popular AI-based paraphrasing tools that you can count on for your paraphrasing requirements.

1. QuillBot

The first on the list we have QuillBot, which gained quick traction due to its ability to generate quality paraphrased text in no time.

just like the rest of the top-notch paraphrasing tools, it also uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to analyze the input text and then generate a new version using its machine learning algorithms.

The tool comes with a variety of paraphrasing modes, including concise, fluency, standard, and creative.

You can choose a mode that you think works fine to serve your paraphrasing purpose.

There are additional features that you can benefit from while rephrasing text using Quillbot.

2. Rephraser is gaining popularity due to its powerful algorithms. It is powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing principles.

The deep learning models help this particular online paraphrasing tool create top-quality rephrased text.

Digital marketers, bloggers, copywriters, and researchers can easily paraphrase text using a rephraser.

Different paraphrasing modes that you can choose include formal, fluency, general, blog, and academic. 

The tool comes with a simple layout that even a layperson can use without confusion. Multi-language support is available for those whose first language is not English.

Other noteworthy features include a grammar checker and summarizing tool.

You can also upgrade to enjoy advanced access to paraphrasing features. A premium subscription helps you enjoy an increased word limit, AI Mode, No Ads, and No Captcha.

3. Paraphrase Tool AI

Paraphrase Tool AI is another top-notch paraphrasing tool based on Artificial Intelligence.

Just like Rephraser, it also comes with a slew of different rephrasing modes, including SEO, Fluency, Academic, Formal, and Creative. User can pick a mode that he wants to paraphrase text according to their requirements. Each mode will provide you with a different output. 

Additional features of the tool include a dedicated grammar checker that helps you ensure the perfection of your write-up.

There is a summarizer that creates a shorter version of the original text. Premium access can also be gained to enjoy advanced features.

The tool offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.

The premium version boosts the word limit and avoids ads and captcha.

Once the text has been paraphrased, you can export the output in Word, Text, and PDF format, depending upon your requirements.

4. Articoolo

Articoolo is relatively new but workable tool that can be used to paraphrase text like a pro. It also works based on the principles of artificial intelligence. 

Machine learning and natural language processing algorithms help the tool understand the contextual meaning of the source material and then generate quality output based on the original text.

The tool lets you generate complete articles. That’s what SEO experts and digital marketers need today. This will include the introduction, complete body, and ending remarks. 

5. SpinnerChief

SpinnerChief uses advanced AI-Powered techniques to paraphrase text like a pro. If you wish to generate high-quality rephrased text in a fraction of the time, then this could be a good choice.

All you have to do is paste the original text on the field appearing on the left-hand side, move the Synonyms slider according to your preferences (replace some words or maximum words), tick ‘enable deep synonym analysis AI,’ and then click the arrow pointing to the right. 

The tool will provide you with good-quality rephrased text in no time.

Pros of using AI-built paraphrasers

AI-built paraphrasers bring several benefits to users, and that’s the reason why they are getting popular among content creators, bloggers, social media copywriters, digital marketers, and even entrepreneurs. 

Save Time

They save you a lot of time by quickly understanding the context of a given text and then instantly reproducing it without losing the original meaning.

On the contrary side, manually paraphrasing text can take several hours or even days (depending upon the text length).

Generates high-quality paraphrases

Another positive side of paraphrasing tools based on artificial intelligence is that they can generate top-quality output.

They have been designed using machine learning techniques and that’s the reason they can deliver the best quality output using the right words and phrases.

Easy to use

Unlike downloadable programs that need heavy installation and occupy large space on your device’s memory, online paraphrasing tools can be used online without needing any download or installation. 

They are super easy to use because of the user-friendly layout and clean design. A person with zero technical skills can easily paraphrase text without prior experience.