Tips on How to Optimize the Source Code of Your Website for SEO

If you have been working for any website, you must have heard about optimization of the website for better ranking. A website without proper SEO optimization will never get ranked in the top results of the SERPs

Have you ever heard about a website’s source code optimization? Are you struggling with the optimization of the source code of your website or any of your customers? This blog will help you in learning this process. 

We are going to share some tips that you can follow to optimize your website’s source code for SEO. Let us show you those tips along with a discussion about why it is compulsory to do this. 

Why it is good to optimize the source code of a website?

A prominent number of beginners think that it is useless to optimize the source code of a website from an SEO perspective. Keep in mind that it is one of the most important tasks when it comes to on-page SEO. 

The reason is a search engine tracks your website and understands its category through source code. An error in the source code of a website can badly impact on SEO of its progress. If you are an SEO expert, you should do a technical audit of your website from time to time for removing any error from the source code if it occurs. 

How to optimize the source code of a website?

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea about the importance of source code optimization. Let us now show you some of the best tips through which you can accomplish this task. 

  • Title Tag Insertion 

Every SEO expert knows the importance of title tags for the optimization of a website. It leaves a prominent impact on your website’s search engine ranking. By putting optimized title tags in your website’s source code, you can easily give a hint to Google about what you have to offer. 

You should have to make sure that you have inserted optimized title tags for all pages of your website. While optimizing your website’s title tags for SEO, you must have to follow these tips. 

  • Write title tags with optimal length 

  • Don’t fill the title with keywords 

  • Keep your title tags short but compelling 

  • Add Meta Description 

For the proper optimization of your webpages, you must have to insert a Meta Description. It is a short description that shows what you have discussed in your article or webpage. 

In simple words, it is the summary of your article that you have to compile in one or two sentences. It has been seen that optimized Meta descriptions push a webpage’s rank higher in SERPs. 

According to many writers, they feel hard to write this type of description for their web pages. The reason is they are not able to summarize the whole text in a single sentence. 

If you are also facing such issues, you can use a summarizer. This tool will help you to get those lines that you can use as Meta descriptions for your web pages. The tool has an AI-based algorithm that will understand your text and summarize it in a few lines. 

In this way, you can choose those lines or pick the one that fits the best to use as your webpage description. 

  • Optimize Heading 

Every writer and SEO guy knows the importance of headings for the progress of a website. Insertion of headings improves SEO as well as the engagement rate of any webpage or article. 

To extract better results, you should have to write compelling headings. Also, you should have to optimize the headings properly by inserting the most important keywords. 

Sometimes, you may be thinking to copy someone’s headings which can be a big mistake. The reason is your headings will be found duplicated. Google will not rank such type of content because it has been crawled already on other web pages. 

In this way, your website will not get ranked. To make your headings unique and compelling, you can use a tool to paraphrase text. You have to insert the original headings in the tool that will then process to reword those headings. 

As a result, you will get unique and compelling headings but with new words. In this way, no one will be able to know that you are copying any other website for headings writing. In short, your headings will remain optimized and engaging at the same time. 

  • Add Alt Text for Images 

Adding images is a common task while publishing an article on any website. Have you ever inserted Alt text of images with focus? If you are not doing this, you might be missing a major section of SEO. 

The reason is Alt text is a significant part of the source code of any website. It indicates what your picture is about and gives a hint to Google where your article should be ranked. So, you should have to write Alt text for every image from your web pages. 

The Alt text of all images should be properly written like you write text for the body of your article or webpage. You must have to keep an eye on the length of this text. It shouldn’t be more than a few words because a lengthy description of images is considered harmful for SEO. 

Final Verdict 

In the above guide, we have shared a comprehensive overview of the optimization of the source code. By reading this blog, you must have got an idea about why it is important to optimize the source code. 

Also, our tips must have helped you in the optimization of the source code of your website. You should follow these tips with great care to optimize the code of your website without harming it in any way. 

Guest post by Paul Kurt