Take a Screenshot using Python

Hello, internet programmer today we code to take a screenshot using python. As you know python is amazing blah blah… let’s code.

We pyscreenshot module to take screenshots using python.


pip install pyscreenshot

The pyscreenshot module is obsolete in most cases. It was created because PIL ImageGrab module worked on Windows only, but now Linux and macOS are also supported by Pillow. There are some features in pyscreenshot which can be useful in special cases: flexible backends, Wayland support, sometimes better performance, optional subprocessing.

The module can be used to copy the contents of the screen to a Pillow image memory using various back-ends. Replacement for the ImageGrab Module.

For handling image memory (e.g. saving to file, converting,..) please read Pillow documentation.


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import pyscreenshot as ImageGrab
import datetime
import time

time.sleep(3)  # tell me why I used delay here...
im = ImageGrab.grab()
im.save("screenshot-" + str(datetime.datetime.now()) + ".png")


After executing code, image is saved in the same location where your code is saved.

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