7 Myths about Programming

We can’t underestimate the power of myth. With the digital world, there are also lots of myths about programming. Here are some of the myths are listed.

7 Myths about Programming

1. Coding starts with a computer and end with a computer

People think if you start programming or coding you need a computer. That’s true but just write code. Actually, programming starts with a mind. Your logic can implement by your brain in your mind.

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A student does not go near the computer until they can’t understand the concept and logic. So this is the myth for every beginner.

2. You need Math Skill to learn Programming

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Some students are afraid to learn a programming language because of maths. They think we are not good in maths, so can’t able learn to code. Yes, you need maths skill but not professional. Some developers and programmers only use using basic algebra and statistics to find an efficient way for a problem.

3. Programmers are Genius

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You don’t need to be Genius like for coding. You just code and find the way for a problem and understand the flow. Programmers have consistently faced the problem and solve them some time they are also frustrating with mistakes. But they learn from their mistakes.

4. X language is perfect

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Before a student starts to learn a programming language they find “which is the best programming language”. All language is not best. They are best in a particular niche. Every programming language is developed to fill a particular niche or solve a particular problem. You might use JavaScript for design and interaction, but C++ is used for something fast. There is no perfect language.

5. You can master in a language in just a few weeks

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No, you can not master in a language in just a few days or week. Yes, you can definitely clear basic concept of language in a few weeks. Mastering in a language requires dedication, patience, interest, and most important application.

6. A programmer does not need to be creative

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This is the biggest myth. A programmer who is not creative I think they are not a good programmer. Yes this the technical and logical field but care about user they interact with GUI or Front part of the program. They don’t deal with a command line and blank and white CLI. So, you need to be creative for the user’s advantage.

7. Coding is boring

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If you think coding is boring then yes it is. But you change your coding style then it is not boring. Coding is a mix of maths, logic, design, and more. Programmers find a solution to a problem and learn from it. So how could that be boring? If you want to get more fun then visit our Instagram page here you can find lots of fun.