Linux vs Windows | Difference between Linux and Windows

Linux vs Windows, first thing first which operating system do you use? comment down below after reading this post. There is a big difference between Linux and Windows. The following points are useful to understand what is the difference between Linux and Windows. So, let’s see Windows vs Linux.

 Linux  vs  Windows  OS

#1. Pricing

Pricing of any product is important for all people.


If you want to install windows on your pc with license then you need to pay for it. I know many users use windows for free but that os is pirated.


The GNU utilities, Linux Kernal, and its library which accompany it in most distributions are entirely free and open source. You can download and install fully licensed Linux os without purchase. That’s a big difference.

#2. Access


Windows users cant’ access the source code. They can’t see the source code of the Windows operating system. Only members of the selected group will have access to it.


Linux user has access to the source code of the kernel and they can change according to his/her requirement. It has its own advantages like bugs in OS will fix at a fastly and disadvantages like developers may take advantage of any weakness in OS if they found.  

#3. Variety / Flavors


Windows is not customizable like Linux right. So, there are a few varieties in windows. Like, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and a few older versions.


Linux is highly customizable than Windows. So Linux has so many flavors based on user needs. Linux has a large variety like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Fedora, Perrot OS,  Arch Linux, Kubuntu, etc.

#4. Security

Security is most important for any individual or company right.


Windows is the main target for developers of the virus because there is a large number of user uses the Windows Operating System. I know windows improve their security over the year but most of the virus attack occurs in Windows. The best example is Ransomware right.


Linux is a highly secured operating system. Virus attack very very less than the Windows. You don’t need any antivirus for it.  Many big companies use Linux OS for security purposes. Google, Facebook, Apple many companies use Linux, even Microsoft use Linux.

#5. Support


Windows has support which is easily accessible via the online forum and some the paid support also.


Linux has large community support by online forums. There is a large number of users in the Linux community.

#6. Updates


In windows, updates come in any time whenever you don’t need or when you have limited internet. Sometime we can’t control the update that’s why it’s so frustrating for the user and it takes more time to update.


In Linux, you have full control of updates. You can update whenever you want. That’s become user happy ☺. It takes less time then windows and no need to reboot. So cool.

#7. Usability


Here the Windows is Winner. Because of Windows has a very user-friendly environment. GUI(Graphical User Interface) of Windows is just Aweomse. That’s why the majority of people uses windows, even in school and colleges use windows because of their GUI.


Linux has not great GUI like Windows but it’s faster and lightweight than Windows. That’s why I’m also using Linux Mint. Linux is sometimes complex to use for beginners.

#8. Software


A large number of people uses Windows right so there is a number of free and commercial software are available for the windows user.  It also has the largest selection of video games by a wide margin.


There are a thousand numbers of software available for Linux. You can easily install it and use it. And these all are for free. Many Windows software you can use by WINE in Linux. But you don’t need this most of the time, most of the software is easily available for Linux.    

Linux vs Windows; this difference maybe helps you to understand what is the major difference between Windows and Linux. If you guys get valuable knowledge then please share with your friends. I know the majority of your friends use the Windows operating system so tell them about Linux by sharing this article. And finally which Operating system do you use comment down below.

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