html semantic elements

#19 HTML Semantic Elements

Semantic elements = elements with a meaning. What are Semantic Elements? Semantic elements clearly describe its meaning to developer and … (more)

the head element

#18 HTML – The Head Element

Like Avenger have Hulk. Then we have <head> in HTML. <head> tag is container for <title>, <style>, <script>, <link>, <base>, … (more)

html iframe

#17 HTML iFrame

Oh don’t worry this is not by Apple. It’s just a HTML tag to display web page within a web … (more)

html id attribute

#16 HTML id Attribute

In HTML id attribute used to specify a unique id for the HTML element. You cannot have more than one … (more)

html class attribute

#15 HTML class Attribute

HTML class Attribute used to specify the class for HTML element. It is the most used attribute while developing a … (more)

html lists

#13 HTML Lists

There are 3 ways to specifying HTML Lists. <ul> − An unordered list. This will list items using plain bullets. <ol> − … (more)

html tables

#12 HTML Tables

HTML Tables used to display information in tabular structure. Table is a matrix of rows and columns and the area … (more)

html images

#11 HTML Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images improve your website design. Image tag syntax We already seen the <img> tag example in … (more)

html link

#10 HTML Links

Website without links are impossible now a day. Links allows users to move to one page to another. HTML Links … (more)

html phrase tags

#9 HTML Phrase tags

The HTML phrase tags are special-purpose tags, which define the structural meaning of a block of text or semantics of … (more)