html web storage

#31 HTML Web Storage API

HTML web storage api is a mechanism to store data locally within the user’s browser. Before HTML5, application data had … (more)

html drag and drop api

#30 HTML Drag and Drop API

HTML Drag and Drop API allows the user to drag and drop element to one location to another. Interesting? While … (more)

html geolocation api

#29 HTML Geolocation API

The Geolocation API is available in HTML to get the current geographical position of the visitor. Since this can compromise … (more)

html video tag

#28 HTML Video Control

HTML Video control allows use to embed video in web page. <video> tag This tag allows us to add video … (more)

html audio

#27 HTML Audio Control

HTML Audio tag provides you to embedding an audio file on a web page. <audio> Tag <audio> tag is used … (more)

html input form attribute

#26 HTML Input form* Attributes

This tutorial describes the various form* attributes for the HTML <input> element. The form Attribute The input form attribute specifies the form the <input> element belongs to. The … (more)

html input attribute

#25 HTML Input Attributes

This tutorial describes the different attributes for the HTML <input> element. The value Attribute The HTML input value attribute defines the initial … (more)

html input types

#24 HTML Input types

In HTML <input type=” “> is an important element of HTML form. The “type” attribute of the input element can … (more)

form elements

#23 HTML Form Elements

In this tutorial we will see all different HTML form elements. HTML <form> Elements The HTML <form> element can contain one or … (more)

html form attribute

#22 HTML Form Attribute

In this we will see various HTML form attribute. Action attribute action attribute defines the action after submitting the form. … (more)

html forms basic

#21 HTML Forms – Basic

HTML forms are useful to collect user information. It is a section of a document which contains controls such as … (more)