How to Start to Learn Programming

Start to learn programming is very easy if they follow the below steps thoroughly. The programming language is not tough to learn but if tough to learn for you then don’t worry I am here 

 so let’s see talk about how you start to learn a programming language for making awesome projects like Facebook, Google, etc.

How to Start to Learn Programming

Best Source for Learn

First, find the best source for learning. Every beginner always starts with videos for easiness and comforts but this is the biggest mistakes for them. They do not prefer any book and references because books are hard to understand. So keep in mind video tutorial also the best for understanding concepts but must prefer books for understanding rules, syntaxes, history,  etc. Some points they do not include in video tutorial so please prefer a book for knowledge. So the combination of both is best.

Hard Work

Second, Hard work. Hard work is the key to learn anything. If you start learning a programming language so need more hard work for beginners. You need to start learning with 0 and step by step reach to 100. You can’t skip any steps means any step ok. Because if you learn step by step thoroughly then in future you start new language to learn so it can be easy for you. So don’t skip any step.

Know Rules

Third, know the rules of language means if you start learning with C language so you must know about how to declare variables, how for loop and if statement works and defines etc. So, rules are learned from books.


Fourth, “practice makes a man perfect” you know this quote right. So only hard work does not work because if your hard work in only watching a video tutorial and just reading a book then it not work. Practice also necessary to know the rules and syntaxes and the main thing is how program flow is going.  You can’t learn programming language only reading syntaxes and rule you must apply practically in your program not only once but lots of time.

Create Small Projects

You know the rules and syntaxes are not enough. You must apply your knowledge in small projects. Yes, you can’t able to make it but everything is available on the internet. So get help from the internet and find a small project and make it. Not copy the code you must understand the logic and apply yourself and make it new. And try a change in the code. Now lot’s of video that is 1-2 hour length of videos are available for mini projects. See that video and practice them.

Try to Build something yourself

If you practice a small project then you able to make build something yourself really. This is necessary because of sharpness in the programming rules and knowledge. If you not doing this you forget the rules and syntaxes because if you think I know the rules and syntaxes then why I code. This is a big mistake. So keep practice. Programming is not limited. Find some problems and create code for it because of the main meaning of programming is to solve the problem in an efficient way easy the work right.