How to become a front-end developer

Front-end developers are working on the front side of the website. If you see this site then you see the front-end of this blog/website. Front-end developers attract the user with their design. So let’s see how to become an awesome front-end developer.

How to become a front-end developer

Start with learning HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS is a basic fundamental building block to become a front-end developer. The main advantage is easy to learn and it takes only a few weeks to understand the basics of both. There are numbers of a website are available to learn these things like w3schools.

Once you get knowledge of these things after then design a basic website and start learning HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive web design.

Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is very very popular for front-end development. JavaScript gives you tons of interactivity on your website. All the image slider, popups, collapse buttons are built using JavaScript.

According to Stackoverflow survey JavaScript is the most popular language in 2017.

how to become frontend developer

You can again learn JavaScript at Then practice with javascript and design some web apps and websites.

Learn jQuery

jQuery is the popular library of JavaScript. jQuery gives you lots of ready-made elements for your website, that can be customized according to your requirement. You can learn jQuery at right.

Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a popular framework for front-end design. There are lots of reasons to learn Bootstrap. Bootstrap you the ability to add common UI templates like forms, image slider, typography, icons on your website. Bootstrap is very easy to learn you can learn bootstrap at and Then create some awesome website and templates using bootstrap. Bootstrap is very useful to make a responsive website.

These above things learn properly you become an awesome front-end developer. If you go with advance front-end developer try with Angular.js and React.js. These JavaScript libraries are popular in the market.

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