Healthcare App Development Trends

Digitalization has blended with every industry out there and the healthcare industry is no exception. Freshly emanating trends in healthcare apps like IoT and artificial intelligence have opened new avenues of success for the healthcare sector of the world, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthcare professionals, patients, and doctors are inclined toward the utilization of healthcare apps. According to Statista, 65,300 healthcare apps were there on the Google Play Store in the last quarter of 2021. But, these apps turn out to be useful when paramedics can offer the right health service & urgent care to patients.

In simpler words, healthcare mobile app development has simplified a lot of operations in the health sector. Adding further, mobile-friendly trends in healthcare app development have been playing a major role in redefining the healthcare sector.

Here, I bring the top healthcare app development trends that have enhanced customer experience.


Health Monitoring Through Wearable Devices

To monitor a patient’s health, many healthcare professionals have turned to wearable devices. A wearable device, like a portable ECG, can track the heart rate of the patient & alert the doctor about the risk of cardiac arrest. 

It simplifies the diagnosis of the patient’s health in real-time & helps the doctor to suggest vital treatment for the same. This technology has been proven beneficial for offering urgent care in remote locations.

Digital Health Prescription

Technology not only curbs manual inputs but eliminates the chances of human errors. The integration of the digital health prescription feature is a healthcare trend among developers. 

Since the data related to the patient’s medical history and prescription stays on the cloud, it eliminates the hassle of maintaining documents for healthcare professionals & patients. Being swift & paperless, more and more healthcare institutions are appreciating this trend.

Predictive Analysis

Gone are the days when predictive analysis used to be a customized feature. The upgrading technology has made it a regular healthcare trend for app development service providers. 

The healthcare industry utilizes the feature of predictive analysis for risk estimation, geo-mapping, and simulations. It can also include the data of the patient if admitted within 30 days of discharge or any other emergency.

Cloud Computing

When we talk about trends in the healthcare app development industry, cloud computing cannot be skipped. This trend has been helping the industry in the following ways:

  • Software as a Service - Cloud computing offers instant access to on-demand services for fulfilling business goals.
  • Platform as a Service - Cloud can offer enhanced security for web-based services.
  • Infrastructure as a Service - Cloud solutions can be utilized for on-demand computing.

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

Artificial intelligence is like the Touch of Midas for healthcare apps. AI in healthcare has been an impactful trend that has been helping doctors in different ways. Through artificial intelligence and virtual reality, surgeons can perform complex surgeries precisely under robotic guidance. 

Prime branches that make the best use of these healthcare trends include diagnostics, training, treatment, and rehabilitation. 


Telemedicine doesn’t require an introduction. This trend has already bridged the gap between patients and doctors. By adopting this trend, its success rate would eventually upsurge. Adoption of this technology will reduce the additional incurring costs. 

Internet of Things

IoT is changing the way healthcare is being delivered through interconnected technologies. Considering the existing growth phase of IoT, it has been predicted that the revenue will surpass 135 billion by 2025

Big Data

Big Data is one of the vital healthcare trends. Its adoption by more and more healthcare service providers and institutions is lauded owing to the benefits it is offering.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Benefits

Below are some obvious reasons that advocate for the utilization of healthcare mobile app development.

Curb Human Errors

Medical professionals need access to numerous sorts of clinical resources to make precise diagnostic decisions. With the help of mobile health technology, doctors and nurses can access medical data, lab results, etc., within a minute. 

They likewise can utilize smartphones and apps for drug reference guides, clinical rules, and other decision support aids. Informed medical choices bring down the error rate and improve practice productivity and information. 

On the patient’s side, they can get an early warning for the discovery of complications and plan their treatment appropriately.

Streamlining Clinical Procedures

Healthcare experts are putting resources into innovative healthcare apps and ideas to bring a massive change in the industry. Moreover, the IoT combination with healthcare has given an approach to managing resources. 

The medical staff can also keep a tab on their enormous stocks effectively and systematically maintain them.

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

As more individuals are becoming conscious about maintaining a sound and healthy lifestyle, innovative healthcare technologies and solutions apps have become the need of the hour. 

With cutting-edge and advanced digital accessories, for example, smartwatches, health apps, and fitness trackers are basically intended to empower individuals to remain fit, eat healthy, and improve their sleep cycle. 

These health apps permit users to follow their regime, weight, food intake, pulse, heart rate, calorie consumption, and other personal information. Users who utilize these applications can share this information with their fitness coaches or companions to get more advice and support.

You read about the most popular healthcare trends in the industry that are taking the industry by storm. Undoubtedly, they’re the future of the healthcare app development industry, and soon, we may witness new trends in the healthcare app development industry with the ongoing pace of advancements.