Future of PHP Development in 2023

In the coming years, there will be no decline in mobile application usage. The annual growth rate of the market size is said to grow at 13.4% CAGR during the period 2021-2030. Such considerable growth accelerates tech advancements like frameworks, programming languages, advanced techs, etc. So, the brewing question about the future of PHP in 2023 is even brighter than before.

With a tremendous incline of the population toward softwares & solutions, there is an immense scope of growth for every scripting language. Every web development has different requirements, and a business owner constantly looks for the most adaptable and technologically advanced programming language for his business.

PHP has been one of the transformative languages in the tech arena for over 20 years. It has its followership that makes the scripting language more popular than the others. Now, to understand more about PHP, let’s look at its offerings to the market and its further scope.

Evolution of PHP Over the Years

Rasmus Lerdorf, employed by a Danish Programmer in Toronto, Canada, developed PHP in 1995. Since then, the server-side scripting language has been known for its flexibility, innovative features, and dynamic database for websites. It also has well-organized code that is easily embedded into HTML code. Compared to other languages, PHP’s debugging issues are quickly and efficiently handled. Also, many operating systems are easily integrated with PHP like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, & several web servers like Netscape, Apache, etc.

PHP is the best option when a web developer has to build a complex yet intuitive website in the shortest time frame. It gives a web application or solution a run-time performance & improved extension API with web server abstraction layers. Over time, with every digital update, there has been a significant improvement in its error handling, performance, & several other features that allow an immersive online web experience for the users. Today, PHP is well-known for the Laravel framework that eliminates every other framework with its MVC architecture and eloquent ORM for resolving quick coding queries. 

According to a statistical report, for the year 2022, PHP is the most popular programming language, with a 45.43% market share.

Thus, with the advent of popular languages like JavaScript, Python, Golang, etc., there has been no decline in the requirement for PHP. Over 70% of websites are still made from PHP. The very proof of it is also the rise in the job opportunities of PHP or laravel developers in recent years compared to other programming languages.

Advantages of PHP

PHP is the first choice for many big names like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. The reason behind this is its fast performance, ever-updated features & last but not least, Laravel. The laravel development services are very much popular among developers who are after creating modern websites with a secured & encrypted database.

  • Open-source: PHP is an economic programming language with significant community support. It constantly evolves with time and provides its end users with a great online experience. PHP & its frameworks like Laravel gives an edge over the rest of the competition. A user gets everything in his budget without compromising on software quality.

Note: To excel in the digital world, one needs to partner with a laravel development company with profound experience to obtain a modular website with apt usage of features and functionalities.

  • High-speed: PHP comes with a fast loading speed. With the help of its in-built memory, the programming language boosts the processing speed. It thus helps developers and enterprises ace their page loading speed & therefore increases the overall processing speed, imparting a great user experience. 

  • Scalability: PHP is known for its scalability. The website built with this programming language functions at ease and constantly evolves with the business needs. A developer easily integrates new functionalities by adding more servers. 

  • Security: Security is the utmost priority in building websites. PHP provides highly-secured features & functionalities, with intact coding to avoid any digital mishap. It does give excellent par website protection.

  • Affordable: Since it is an open-source platform, any company, big or small, can build a website with plenty of features. You don’t need to pay a license fee for PHP because it is open-source.

On a Concluding Note

PHP server-side technology has a long way to go!

With its evolution and ever-adaptive nature, there is no looking back for PHP. It is a fast, secure, and feature-rich language that provides safe, attractive websites. From blogging sites to eCommerce, every requirement is served by tech advancement. It also helps find one’s niche with the constant updates of the latest digital trends. Thus, opting for such a programming language is an excellent decision for a developer or a firm looking for web app development. The future is undoubtedly bright for an online PHP-created venture.

Guest post by Dilip Tiwari