Top 5 Easiest Programming Language to Learn in 2019

So, if you think to start to learn a programming language. And confused about choosing your ideal language then don’t worry I’m here. Here some languages are listed. These languages are the easiest programming languages to learn. These languages are not just easy. These languages are useful everywhere like Google also.     Easiest Programming Language to Learn in 2019

1. Python

top easy programming language to learn in 2019

Python always appears in the simplest language. It is very easy to learn as a beginner or an intermediate. Not just an easiness their functionality is also awesome. Python solves the problem in just a few lines. So you can solve a big problem in a few lines.    

Python doesn’t use curly braces and semicolumns so don’t worry about that. Python allows programmers to do more within a short time. Python use in many areas like website development, game development, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile application etc. So, python is east as well as everywhere. So, there is no doubt that python is the easiest programming language.

2. JavaScript

easiest programming language

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in the IT world. This language highly demanded and highly used in the world. According to the StackOverflow survey, JavaScript has mostly used language in the world. Easy Programming Language.  

Before we talk, note that JavaScript is not anyway related to Java. They are two different languages. Java is programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language.    

It is very easy to learn and you can make an interactive website using JavaScript. So, JavaScript is an Awesome and easy language.  

3. Java

easy programming languages

Java is also one of the popular programming languages. As I say every time “Java is everywhere”. It is easy to learn and simple programming language. Also, see the History of Java Programming Language.  

As you know Java is a portable programming language. Java runs on mobile devices and pc and it is also used in web development.    

If you know C programming language. It has a pointer concept but Java doesn’t have this concept. so this makes Java Simpler. Yes, sometimes Java becomes complex but once you get an idea then this the easy programming language for you.  

4. Julia

easiest programming languages for learn in summer vacations

Julia is the simplest language like python so you can say this is the best python alternatives. It is a dynamic type of programming language. The syntaxes of a programming language are really easy to understand by beginners. It was freely available on GitHub.  The main reason why it is on this list is has a high-level syntax.  

5. Ruby

top easiest programmig languages for google

Ruby is a beginner-friendly scripting language. It is used for mobile app development and web development. This is similar to python. Major websites such as Twitter are powered by Ruby on rails.

If you start learning, you can master the basics of ruby within 30 minutes. Ruby on rails now become popular. You must learn it. So, Ruby is also an Easy Programming Language. So, these are the top 5 easiest programming languages to learn in 2019 or in your summer vacations or in your free time or whenever you want to learn.