5 Computer Myths that People Believe Today

The computer is a complex machine that makes our works simpler. With a great feature, people make different computer myths that people still believe today.

5 Computer Myths that People Believe Today

1. Viruses are slowdown PC.

Most of the time people think virus slow down our PC. No, that’s not true. Some viruses are helping you to run pc smooth. Yes, its true some viruses also slow down our pc but all time not true. It is possible that your pc slow down due to CPU usage, lack of free RAM and disk space, hardware problem etc.

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2. Deleting Data from Hard drive is erase forever

It is not true to delete data from hard drive is erased forever. It still there. Just overwritten. For example, consider your footprint is your data. Think about your footprint on floor and then other people also put a footprint on your footprint right. So what’s happening here it’s just hidden by other data (here footprint).

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3. Macs don’t need Antivirus

One of the popular myth is Macs are impervious to viruses. Yes, it is true because most people use windows and other OS rather than Mac. So, the most virus running in windows. But viruses are smart than us they also run in macs. There are also viruses for Macs.

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4. Never leave your computer on

On computer for a few hours is bad. It is not true. When you shut down your pc and again turn on your pc it is trouble for your hard drive. Yes if you don’t want to turn on pc for a few days then shut down but your planning comes back in a few hours or one day and works on pc then best practice is sleeping mode. Turn on a sleeping mode in your computer is best.

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5. Antivirus protect from viruses

People think antivirus is a must for PC. Yah, it is true that you need strong antivirus for saving your PC from viruses. But world is big and human are intelligent so, everyday people making new viruses. So, it is not possible to catch every virus by Antivirus. Yah antivirus updates their database to protect from a new virus but it is updated after find patch for a particular virus. But think every day new lots of viruses are created.


So, these are the computer myths that people still believe today. So you know these myths then tell your friend. Also, see computer facts.