Best Free Website to Learn Coding

Have you struggled to start programming and never find the best resources?  Then today we solve your problem and recommend the best resources to learn to programme and you can also improve your skills in coding.

Best Free Website to Learn Coding


This is the best website for who learn more technologies like HTML, CSS, XML, Bootstrap, Ajax, JavaScript and more. A student can get basic to advanced knowledge from this website.

This website provides a testing environment for a run code. Every topic has their exercise and practice code to understand a topic. So, if you learn to code with the easy language I personally recommend this website to learn. Personally, I learn lot’s of technologies from W3Schools like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and more.


JavaTpoint is awesome to the website to learning a programming language. If you want less word and understand all this website for you. The website contains less theory and more programs for practice and understand.

If you want to write your assignment short this website is best. I learn lot’s of a concept of JAVA language and DBMS also. Also useful if you learn Android. This website is easy because the website contains a graphical representation to clear the concept. You know “A picture is worth a thousand words”.


Tutorialspoint is also one of the best source for a learning programming language. This website has also testing environment for compile code. This website also has graphical representation for an understanding concept of programming language.

Personally, learned lot’s concept from this website like Data structure and DBMS because of pictural representation.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is the best website for who prepare for an interview for computer science. This website has basic to advance the solution of the problem.

The main advantage of this website is the same code is available in a different language. Also, have an interactive environment for edit and run the code.  Some of the main programming that learned by this website is C, Java, Python and etc.


StackOverflow is the biggest community of programmers and developer. This is not a tutorial website this website is a problem solver. In other words, this website is Super-Hero for the programmer. If you have any problem with code and have lots of errors and bug then this website has definitely answered your problem. In case answer not available then join the community and ask the question to the community. You can also give the answer to the question in a community.


Quora is same as StackOverflow. This the question and answer website. The site provides an answer to question-related to life, career, including programming and computer science.

You can ask your problem/question, someone definitely gives you the answer. You can also join this community and share the answer to the question.


Who doesn’t know the YouTube? Everyone knows youtube. This the largest website to see videos right.

Youtube is the large video library to learn anything right. You can also learn the programming language on Youtube. Youtuber also makes a video on it and make a playlist for different language right.

It is difficult to say which youtuber make an awesome video tutorial on programming because everyone is best.

The best advantage is you can learn a programming language in your language (if available). Most tutorials are available for your suitable language including English, Hindi and more.

Personally, I youtube every time to find my problem to solve and learn new about programming.

And yes, this also the Good website to get knowledge about coding, programming and computer science. 😁