15 Computer Facts You Don't Know

Now, the computer is a necessary part of our life. This cool machine changes our life right? And makes our life so easier. And if you are daily connected with the computer then you must know these computer facts. There are lots of computer facts in the word we will cover later. Some of the interesting facts are listed here.

15 Computer Facts You Don’t Know

  1. Every month, more than 5000 viruses are released in the world.   2. The password of computer control of nuclear-tipped missile of U.S. was 00000000 (8 times zero) for eight years. can you believe it?   3. The first computer ENIAC weighed more than 27 tons and took 1800 square feet.

eniac code snail

4. “TYPEWRITER” longest word in the world and you can type this word with an only single row of the keyboard.    5. Do you know the original name of the windows?  Interface Manager is the original name of the windows.   6. Only 10% currency is the physical and rest of the currency exists on the computer.   7. Approximately 70% of viruses are developed under the organization for some security reasons.

  8. An average normal people blink 20 times in a minute but while using the computer they blick only 7 times.   9. The first microprocessor designed by Intel called 4004 for calculator and today we know Intel is so popular.   10. The first hard disk drive made in 1979, and it could only store 5mb of data. You can’t store your study material in this drive.   11. The common thing of Microsoft, Apple, and HP - they were all started in a garage and start their career. It’s amazing right.

  1. The E-mail was invented before the internet. Shocked!! I’m also shocked when I heard.   13. More than 80% of emails are going to spam.   14. The House of Bill Gates was designed by Macintosh computer.   15. The first domain name was registered is Symbolics.com on March 15, 1985.      So, this is an amazing computer fact that increase your knowledge and you become popular in the school right.