History of C Programming Language

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History of C language is awesome to know. Every beginner almost starts with C language because of it an awesome and easy language for every beginner. C language is highly used in the market. So here we now discuss the history of C.

History of C Language


The journey started in 1960 with Algol (Algorithmic language). This language is developed at Cambridge University. This is the Baap of every programming language. Still, this language is the root of every modern language. This language is an alternative of Fortran language. It is also known as Algol60.


Combine Programming Language, it is developed at Cambridge  University as the "Cambridge Programming Language". Christopher Strachey, David Barron, and others were involved in its development. It was heavily influenced by Algol60.


After CPL, BCPL derived from CPL as a "Basic Combined Programming Language".  It is developed by Martin Richard at Cambridge University. In this language remove those features which make compilation difficulties.

B Language(1969)

B is programming language developed at Bell labs circa 1969. It is developed by Ken Thompson with Dennis Ritchie. B language is derived from BCPL.

C Language(1972)

C language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. BCPL and B is the typeless language means everything in a word. So we need a new language that actually solves this problem. So, in this language develop new concepts called "Datatypes" and add extra features.

C is very smart because they derived features from Algol, BCPL, B etc.

In 1989 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) publish some standards for C language and approved it. So, we also C language as "ANSI C" or "C89".

After these many standards are created, approved and published. Like,

In 1990 ISO again published a standard for C language and approved and gives name "C90"

In 1995 ISO release the extension of the C90 version for internationalization. So, again standard was published, named "C95".

In 1999 again revised by ISO and publish the standard then C language called "C99".

Now December 2011 again standard released and approved then C language as the "C11".

Standerd is created because of many features are add and remove some features as well as solved some problems or errors of the previous version.

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