10 Powerful Productivity Hacks For Programmers

Do you want to finish your work fast? So, follow these some productivity hacks for programmers.

1. Minimise Distraction

Just imagine You and your PC + internet are locked in one room. Yes, it becomes a better place to work without any disturbance.

So, find a quiet place to do work or learn something. Because your mind gets to focus on that thing only.

2. Make Plan

First, prepare a plan before starting any project or work. Split the task and allocate the time to every task according to you.

Also prepare To-do list daily and write down the sub task to complete.

3. Take Breaks

Programming is the game of mind right. And your mind also needs some healthy food and Food for the mind is enough breaks.

If you work multiple hours without any breaks, it may lead to information overload, anxiety, and lower the quality of your work.

So, take a break and meet your crush (if possible), Do some exercise, spend a few hours with nature or do something that makes you feel better.

4. Start with the hardest task

Here is brilliant advice by Brian Tracy: “Eat that frog!” In other words, start your day with your “biggest, hardest, and most important task”.

We’ve all had those mornings where we start with drinking coffee and checking emails and only then try to tune into the work state. As a result, our enthusiasm is gone, along with valuable time, we could have spent on getting the stuff done.

Instead, create a to-do list of tasks for the day. Prioritizing the stuff and choose 3 “most important tasks” that will get the most results (avoid the temptation to knock out the easy stuff first). Pick the worst task out of those three and focus on getting it done first thing in the day.

5. Master Your Tools

You should have a grasp of the tools that you are using for your work. Like, code editor, browser, terminal, etc.

Not only tools also must grasp on what programming language you’re using, framework and etc. technology.

6. Know Your Most Productive Hours

Research shows that every person has some hours in the day, where they are at their peak performance both mentally and physically. This varies from person to person.

That’s why some people feels more logical and creative at morning and some of people same thing at late night.

So, know your productive hours and make a plan according to this hours.

7. Review Your Coding Habits

It’s great if you can ask someone else in your environment to have a look at your coding habits. You may receive helpful advice on what you can improve to be more efficient.

8. Close unnecessary software and tabs

Close unnecessary software because it’s sometimes annoying while you switching the browser to the code editor and vice-versa.

Multiple tabs of the browser are common for developers. But sometimes you can get confused about which tab I was looking for the problem.

9. Create batches for everyday tasks

I know communication is necessary if you are doing a project together or if you have a client. But sometimes this takes too much time to switch from one thing to another. Instead, batch all repetitive activities. For example, decide that you will spend 10-30 minutes twice a day to deal with all emails/calls and other hours for work.

10. Don’t do multiple task

Play with one task at a time.


These are some productivity hacks for programmers. It may help to do work fast as software development or web development. I know some of the tips might be not fit in your case but follow some tips if possible.

Must share it with your fellow programmers and let them know about productivity hacks for developers.